Privacy Policy

The Company stores temporarily or as an intermediary, User information on computers that are protected by physical as well as technological security devices. Company records the IP address(es) of each User of the Site and tracks its Users by the use of 'Click stream cookies', inter-alia in compliance with statutory laws and regulations and for security reasons. If the User objects to any of this please do not use the Site.

Use of User Information for promotions by Company

a. Company may use the User Information, Data or materials ("Collected Information") to execute marketing campaigns, promotion or advertising messages on behalf of third parties. The Collected Information does not qualify as Sensitive Personal Data/Information. The Collected Information does not/will not be disclosed to third party (ies) unless you respond to the marketing, promotion or advertising message sent by such third party (ies). The Collected Information may be transferred, stored, used and processed at any place worldwide by the Company.

b. In case of a merger, amalgamation or a 'buy-in' or 'buy-out' or a financial or strategic tie-up or similar alliance of/by the Company, the Collected Information may be transferred or assigned to the entity with whom the Company is entering into a merger, amalgamation, 'buy-in' or 'buy-out', financial, strategic or similar alliance with, as the case may be. If a User objects to this collection and/or transfer/assignment, please do not use the Site.