About Us


DEAL INDIA is a Platform For Manufacturers, Distributors And Retailers to Get In Contact With Each other Directly By Exploring, Discovering And Creating opportunities for multiple segments of the supply chain. We want to be a community platform for all the market to promote themselves globally. We have developed a mobile application to create b2b market place by providing comprehensive business solutions to both side of business. 


Every product you purchase involves distribution from variety of sources. We at DEAL INDIA subsume huge number of company profiles and product categories to bring the three on one platform  

1. Manufacturers have primarily two sources to sell products.  Direct sales and another through the supply chain. With challenges in direct sale. It’s not an easy task for manufacturers to find preface partner for their supply chain. With DEAL INDIA now they will connect them on their finger tips 

2.         Distributors With an unmatched expertise in data collection and promotion, we subsume huge number of company profiles and product cataloguing to suit best interest of the entire supply chain  

3.         In INTERCONNECTING SALES now distributors have a perfect platform to connect with retailers directly by a mobile application. With a profile in DEAL INDIA dead stock & loss in business will be history for distributors. INTER CONNECTING SALES will connect retailers and distributors.

Change is market! 

Significant changes are seen in the manufacturing and retail industries. It is driven by technological advances and in order to thrive in this digital age, Deal India is making things easier and more valid.  Deal India adds a layer of digitalization  to existing systems, and bridges the gap when it comes to suppliers and retailers.  


  From first sale to full trade!  


We offer comprehensive solutions for not just manufacturers but also for distributors, suppliers and retailers. Connect for more details